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Caitlin Miller, Author ,

The Memories We Painted and Our Yellow Tape Letters

"The Traitor's Post is a poignant look at injustice, betrayal, love and loss. From the very first page, I found myself connecting with the characters in the story and eagerly turning the pages to read more. There's something to be said about a book that takes you on a journey of emotions, from laughter to tears, from sadness to joy, and finally, from unexpected tragedy to bittersweet closure. A deep and powerful read, The Traitor's Post is not to be missed." -

Melba P., N.C.

This is a bittersweet story of love, friendship, forgiveness, and determination.The story immediately drew me in...I read a quarter of the book before forcing myself to stop so I could get some sleep. This is the author's best work to date!

Sally W., N.C.

Donnah Cole’s new novel The Traitor’s Post is a beautiful Christian love story. This book is lovingly set in the gorgeous North Carolina mountains and captures that wonderful culture with extraordinary grace. The characters are deeply developed with Donnah’s talented authorship and will live in your heart and soul. Donnah weaves in meaningful scripture and song lyrics that complement this extraordinary novel.

Penny W., N.C.

"The Popcorn Fields" by Donnah Cole was a well-written and thought provoking book that kept you guessing about what would happen. The author's expressive writing made you feel like you were on the farm in Iowa where the story unfolds. The characters were well developed and you could feel their angst and pain from the detailed descriptions. Five out of five stars!"

Sally W., N.C.

"As this Iowa farm family and their summer apprentices struggle with trust, security and love, their faith is tested many different ways. Reading Donnah Cole’s new release, The Popcorn Fields, is a pleasure with her evocative, rich prose bringing the McPherson family and friends to life in your heart."

Amazon Customer

"A heartwarming tale full of interesting characters written in a delightfully descriptive style. I was immediately drawn into the story and stayed engaged throughout. The author paints wonderful word pictures that transport the reader to rural Iowa for a season of growth -- and I don't mean the corn stalks!"

Lori H., N.C.

"A fantastic follow up to The Popcorn Fields. Following along as Taryn grows in her faith, finds the ability to forgive herself and to forgive others from her past, all while searching for the life God has in mind for her - is a wonderful, romantic story. Rhett is the kind of man every woman desires as a life partner - a good Christian man with tremendous family values. This is definitely a book that you will not put down once you start reading it!"

Trudy C., N.C.

"Well-written prose with lovely descriptive writing. Loved the characters and Christian content." 

Susan B, S.C.

"I couldn’t put the book down. Great characters. Faithful God in everyday lives." 

Shannon Redmon, Author, Cave of Secrets & Secrets Left Behind

"The Monarch Fields takes readers on a romantic journey as Taryn McPherson is forced to face her past mistakes and the complications they've caused while sifting through her confusing feelings for Rhett Huxley. He wants nothing more than to follow God's will and be an international missionary, but the pull of home and the beautiful Taryn becomes a distraction, not to mention the drama of her past, which returns and reeks havoc on his once simple life. This beautiful story of forgiveness, family and love will keep the reader turning the pages to find out what happens. Not one to miss!"

Caitlin Miller, Author,

The Memories We Painted

"Such a great story! I really loved Taryn’s character and the journey the author had her on. There were definitely some relatable lessons there, especially on how to accept God’s forgiveness for past sins and rely on His wisdom in tough situations. I’m excited to read what the author writes next!" 
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